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Professional wellpoint dewatering in Reading and the surrounding areas

Is your construction project being held up by excess water? Our team can install a dewatering solution to get your project back on track. We are able to offer wellpoint dewatering in all types of ground and site locations. Our team can travel all over the south including London and the Home Counties. Give our team a call today for advice or to book a site survey.

Lowering the water table at your site

Using specialised pumping equipment, we can make your site safe for construction so you can complete your build. Once the water table on your site has been lowered and construction has reached a stage where our dewatering equipment is no longer needed, we will de-install and remove all trace of machinery from your site.

Each site has its own unique set of challenges, but at M.C.B we have over 33 years of experience to make sure that your personal can carry out their duties in complete safety.
Have a construction project coming up and need to lower the water table?
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